Japanese sweets “wagashi” class in Tokyo

Welcome to Ankolabo.

Are you interested in Japanese sweets “wagashi”? Have you tried to eat? If you  want to know how to make wagashi,  Ankolabo is the right place for you.

Ankolabo is for anyone who loves traditional and seasonal wagashi. Every class is in a small group, you can enjoy cooking in cozy atmosphere with Japanese people.

What comes to your mind when you hear wagashi? Probably you imagine it’s very artistic, colorful or beautiful… Yes, that’s right. But they are not all.

Photos above don’t look colorful. These wagashi are for daily or seasonal events, not for tea ceremony. We love simple taste and season.  Ankolabo offers classes of making such a daily wagashi, especially focuses on making Anko, red bean paste.

From long time ago, we have enjoyed cooking sweets at home using easy-to get  ingredients such as red beans, soy beans,  rice powder, sticky rice, agar, sesamin, sweets potatoes, cheznut, or seasonal fruits. Japan is rich in culture of hand made sweets.

I started this school from 2016. My vision is to convey the richness of Japanese sweets culture to many people. Unfortunately, similar to other countries, Japanese people has less opportunities to make sweets at home than before. Very busy and difficult to take time to cook, also everyday we can easy to buy rich and tasty sweets at convenience store, super markets or everywhere.

However,  I think the culture of cooking sweets at home should be inherited because it’s very very wonderful itself.

In Ankolabo, I ‘d like to provide opportunities to meet and make wagashi for people as many as possible. Not only for Japanese people, but also for foreigners.

I hope you enjoy cooking wagashi with us here and have more interesting for our handmade sweets culture.


A. monthly lesson – an (sweet beans paste) or seasonal wagashi making class
Ankolabo provides lessons of sweet beans paste and seasonal wagashi class every month. The lesson is conducted in English and Japanese. You can enjoy wagashi making with Japanese people. Please check monthly lesson pages.

B. master course
Master course is for person who wants to learn specialized knowledge and technique. You can choose group lesson (max 4 perople) or man-to-man lesson. If you would like to know the details, please feel free to e-mail : ankolabo@gmail.com


Ankolabo is located near Yoyogi park. Easy to access from the center of Tokyo. Only 5 minutes by train from Shinjuku and 20 minutes by metro from Ginza or Tokyo station

– Yoyogi park station (Tokyo metro Chiyoda line)
– Yoyogi Hachiman station ( Odakyu line )
2 – 3 minutes walk from two stations

From stations

-Yoyogi Hachiman station (from Shinjuku)
Go out the south exit gate and turn left.  Turn left at the corner of bakery “Donkey”and go straight. Go left between cafe 15℃ and Flaura patisry and go left zigzag road. The ivory colored building is next to the railroad crossing.

-Yoyogi Hachiman station (from Yoyogi uehara)
Go out the north exit gate and turn right. Turn right at the corner of Soba noodle restaurant. Cross the railroad and you can find the building  ivory colored building on the right side

-Yoyogi park station
Go out the Hachiman exit gate and turn right.  Turn right at the corner of bakery “Donkey”and go straight. Go left between cafe 15℃ and Flaura patisry and keep going left zigzag road. The ivory colored building is next to the railroad crossing.

Ankolabo is on 4th floor

1-2-1 NY building 401, Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan


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